Funding for entrepreneurs


We close the funding round needed to make your company grow We provide professional guidance throughout the whole process: from determining the right funding strategy, approaching the right investors to getting the money in the bank.



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We make sure that your pitch is as sharp as a knife and that you are prepared for the full 100%. A clear funding strategy is our starting point. Together, we determine which investors suit your company, introduce you to these investors and provide support, where needed, in convincing these investors. We combine the different investors into one professional, tailored funding round that is adapted to the specific wishes of you and your investors. Do you want exposure for your company as well? If so, we will combine the funding round with a crowdfunding campaign in which we generate media attention for your campaign and raise additional funding.




Professional guidance


During the whole process, your personal investment manager is there for you. This manager helps you with determining the right strategy, selecting the right investors and supports in answering any questions you or your investors may have.





Tailored service

No company is the same. We tailor our service to your needs for a full 100%;



You have already found the investors willing to invest in your company and want to execute this funding round in a professional way.

We structure professional funding rounds: from preparing your pitch to the legal settlement of the deal, all under supervision of the AFM.


Find investors and involve your own network

In addition to the investors you already know, you want to attract other big investors and provide your broader network the chance to become a shareholder of your company.

We create your funding strategy and introduce you to the right investors. Your personal investment manager is there, where needed, to support you during meeting with investors. Based on a clear communication strategy, we target different audiences through crowdfunding to maximize the amount of investments for your company.


Maximal exposure

Next to big investors and your own network, you want to realize broad publicity for your company.

As the cherry on top, we provide the investment opportunity to the big public through crowdfunding. This way, we create maximal media exposure by making use of a sharp PR strategy.





Our process from preparation to money in the bank


1.Venture capital masterclass

During this free masterclass we exactly explain to you how Symbid works and what is needed to close your funding round.

2. Screening and analysis

We perform an extensive screening of your business plan and the current state of your company to determine which solution is best suited to your company.

3. Tailored funding strategy

Based on the analysis, your wishes and a first assessment, we find the right funding strategy for you.

4. Structuring

We structure the deal so that the wishes of the investors you want to involve can be fulfilled.

5. Preparation

We make sure that you are a 100% ready to approach investors. This means that we create a sharp pitch and that we prepare you for questions that you can expect from investors.

6. Approaching investors

We introduce you to the right investors and support you, where needed, during meetings

7. Optional: public crowdfunding campaigns:

If desired, we expand your funding round with crowdfunding in order to generate exposure and attract more investors

8. Closen

We take care of the legal process and documentation and make sure your funding arrives at the bank





Keep your investors involved


After a successful funding round we provide you with the tools to effectively keep your investors updated on the progress of your company. This way, you keep them involved with your company and you can benefit from their expertise, network and you may possibly involve them in a new funding round.






No funding round is the same. Based on your specific wishes, we come to a proposal bases on:

1. A set compensation for the needed preparatory activities.

2. A success fee over the raised amount of funding, which is dependent on where the investors are coming from.