Funding for entrepreneurs


Raise funding from thousands of crowdfunders and professional investors who believe in your business. Symbid makes this easy.



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Raise funding in exchange for a share in your business. Attract investors who believe in your business and are looking for more long term return. If relevant, they can also offer their expertise. You will get the required funding and time to further build your company and make it a success.




Professional support

We support you from start till end, creating a strong pitch, reaching out to investors and the once the funding goal is reached arrange all the required paperwork. Our platform makes it easy to stay in touch with your investors.



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Your personal account manager helps you to create a strong pitch presenting your business plan to potential investors. Together we will build a strong marketing plan for your campaign to reach out to many crowdfunders and / or professional investors. We will provide you with the legal structure to keep the relationship with your investors simple and clear.




Ambitious entrepreneurs

We help ambitious entrepreneurs, from startups to growing companies, with crowdfunding to attract equity funding. Are you a BV or NV, or are you willing to start one? Then Symbid can help you to realize this dream!


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Entrepreneurs with a clear and validated businessplan looking for seed funding. Growing companies, already in existence for some time, looking growth finance.




2 types of equity funding

Symbid offers 2 types of crowdfunding that best fit young and ambitious entrepreneurs. With both types are interested in a share in your business because they believe in your plan.


Equity Convertible loan*
  • Funding in exchange for a share in your company.
  • No interest payments to investors required.
  • As the value of your company increases, the value of the investments of your investors grows.
  • You decide if you want to pay dividend.

  • A loan converting to shares in your company at a later stage.
  • No company valuation required at the start of your crowdfunding campaign.
  • Company valuation performed with follow up financing rounds, or at the end of the term of the loan so investors can decide whether they convert or not.

    More information? Click here for more details about equity crowdfunding & convertible note offering.




    Transparent costs

    At Symbid you only pay when your campaign is successful. No cure, no pay.


    Success Fee

    The success fee is depending on the goal funding amount.


    Goal funding amount

    Success Fee



    <€250k 7%
    €250k-500k 6%
    €500k 5%


    Legal costs

    Depending on the type of crowdfunding (equity of convertible loan) certain costs are involved. Click here for more information about these costs.





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