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Symbid and Gruppo Banca Sella Create New Italian Investment Platform, Symbid Italia
New Equity Crowdfunding Platform Launched by Dutch Financial Technology Brand and Major Italian Banking Group
(11 March 2015)

Symbid & Gruppo Banca Sella Partner on Italian Investment Platform
Netherlands-based Symbid has formed a partnership with Italian bank Gruppo Banca Sella to create an Italian investment platform called Symbid Italia.
(11 March 2015)

The Funding Network™ Begins To Spread
Symbid has made good on its promise of impending international expansion by bringing The Funding Network™ to Italy
(11 March 2015)

Symbid Announces The Funding Network™ Combining Traditional & New Forms of Finance
Symbid [OTCQB:SBID] has launched The Funding Network™ combining both traditional and alternative forms of finance for start-ups and small businesses
(05 March 2015)

Symbid Unveils Master Aggregator
Dutch crowdfunding leader Symbid is uniting the phenomenon of product diversification and aggregation with newly-launched mega-portal The Funding Network™
(05 March 2015)

Will Symbid Become the of SME Finance?
Symbid, a Dutch FinTech start-up founded in 2011, announced they have launched their new online platform called The Funding Network™
(04 March 2015)

Symbid Launches The Funding Network™ for Start-ups and Small Businesses
Crowdfunding brand announces new platform connecting traditional and alternative finance, The Funding Network™
(04 March 2015)

Symbid and Ben & Jerry's Team Up to Help Social Entrepreneurs Milk the Crowd
Symbid announces a partnership with Ben & Jerry's to 'hoof-start' crowdfunding campaigns for social entrepreneurs
(26 February 2015)

Symbid Closes Private Placement Offering; Raises Capital at 100% Premium to U.S. Stock Price
Crowdfund Insider reports on the closing of Symbid's recent funding round
(05 February 2015)

Symbid Raises Capital at 100% Premium to U.S. Stock Price
CNN Money covers the closing of Symbid's recent funding round
(05 February 2015)

Symbid Raises 550K to Add Loans to its Crowdfunding Platform
Startup Juncture features Symbid as having raised funds to add new funding products
(05 February 2015)

Further Hybridization for Symbid
AltFi News reports on Symbid's planned evolution from equity crowdfunding to a network of funding
(28 January 2015)

Symbid: The Future Stock Exchange
ECE presents Symbid as the future of start-up and small business funding
(12 January 2015)

Oscar-Winning Director Mike van Diem to Crowdfund New Film on Symbid
Yahoo Finance covers the story of Mike van Diem's latest film being funded on Symbid
(08 January 2015)

Symbid, Equidam and Declaree Featured in Dutch FinTech Top 50
ECE reports on Symbid being nominated as one of the top Dutch FinTech companies
(07 January 2015)

Symbid Launches Niche Funding Platform for Agricultural Sector
Reuters covers the launch of new funding platform for agriculture: Farmers Funding
(06 January 2015)

Cutting Edge Online Marketplace for Dutch SMEs Arrives
AltFi News covers Symbid's signed partnership with leading financial advisory firm Credion
(16 December 2015)

Symbid Featured in "Financieel Dagblaad"
ECE covers Symbid's feature in a leading Dutch financial newspaper
(15 December 2014)

Korstiaan Zandvliet, CEO of Symbid Corp., to Speak at FireRock Conference
Yahoo Finance features the news of co-founder Korstiaan Zandvliet speaking at a leading New York conference
(15 October 2014)

Symbid Founders Korstiaan Zandvliet & Robin Slakhorst Receive Distinguished Young Leader Award
Crowdfund Insider features Symbid co-founders being nominated for the Distinguished Young Leader Award 2014 at Erasmus University Rotterdam
(01 October 2014)

Investment Crowdfunding Platform Symbid Jumps Past €5 million ($6.4 Million) Milestone
Crowdfund Insider covers Symbid reaching its €5 million funding milestone
(23 September 2014)

Leading Continental Crowdfunder Eyes World Domination
AltFi News interviews Symbid co-founder & CEO Korstiaan Zandvliet
(10 July 2014)

Is this odd-looking wind turbine the most efficient you can buy?
The Washington Post features 'The Archimedes', a unique wind turbine being funded on Symbid
(10 June 2014)

Bidroom: the holiday booking site that gets hotels to bid for guests
The Guardian features Bidroom, a revolutionary hotel booking platform being funded on Symbid
(23 January 2014)

Bankrupt Polare Bookshops Begin Reopening
Dutch News features the relaunch of Polare bookshop chain thanks to its Symbid crowdfunding campagin
(18 March 2014)

Symbid, Equity Crowdfunding Platform, Begins Trading on OTC Markets
Crowdfund Insider features Symbid as the first crowdfunding platform worldwide to be publicly listed (OTCQB:SBID)
(25 February 2014)

Korstiaan Zandvliet, Symbid Co-founder & CEO, Gives Lecture on Start-up Finance at the Philips Innovation Award
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(10 February 2014)

Greendaddy Sets New Dutch Crowdfunding Record While Securing $331,707 For Bamboo-Based Clothing
Crowdfund Insider covers Greendaddy, one of the largest Dutch crowdfunding campaigns and funded on Symbid
(06 January 2014)

Symbid CEO Responds to Move into US as Crowdfunding Platform Eyes Expansion
Crowdfund Insider interviews Korstiaan Zandvliet about Symbid's public listing and plans for the U.S. market
(20 December 2013)

Robin Slakhorst, Symbid Co-founder, on the Potential for Collaboration Between Old and New Financial Institutions
Watch the Symbid co-founder speak about how old and new finance can work together at at TEDxRSM
(18 November 2013)

What the U.S. Can Learn From the Netherlands About Equity Crowdfunding
Entrepreneur interviews Symbid co-founder & CEO Korstiaan Zandvliet about equity crowdfunding in the U.S. compared to the Netherlands
(27 September 2013)

What's In Store For Crowdfunding and Angel Investors
Forbes features Symbid as an example of how angel investors are using crowdfunding more and more in Europe
(31 December 2012)

Ten Companies Poised to Profit From the JOBS Act: Symbid (7 of 11)
Forbes features Symbid as one of the top ten companies likely to benefit from the proposed legalization of equity crowdfunding in the U.S.
(04 October 2012)

Unlocking the Global Trillion-dollar Crowdfunding Market
Venture Beat introduces Symbid as one of the European platforms leading the equity crowdfunding industry
(24 December 2012)

Filling the Bank-shaped Hole
The Economist features Symbid as one of the first equity crowdfunding platforms to let investors monitor their portfolio
(15 December 2012)