Symbid works alongside various global business partners in order to fund start-ups and small businesses in the most transparent and efficient way possible. Our closest partners are listed below.


Ilfa is an experienced funding specialist with over 20 years of experience with complex funding cases for businesses. Since 2013 Ilfa has a licence for an investment firm.


Symbid Coöperation UA operates as a tied agent of ILFA Tools & Services BV under MiFID regulation. Symbid is 1 of the 5 crowdfunding platforms in The Netherlands that operates with a licence while most other platforms operate based on an exemption. This means that Symbid has a more heavy duty of care towards crowdfunding investors. At Symbid we believe the interests of both investors and entrepreneurs should be protected at all times.


Knab Crowdfunding focuses on loan crowdfunding and provides entrepreneurs with a fast and thorough loan with a maximum of €2.5 million. Investors can invest in entrepreneurs in exchange for a fair return.


The cooperation emphasizes the shared vision that it is in the interest of the corporations that, depending on the balance, the right type of financing has to be chosen and that there are more possibilites when multiple forms of financing are being combined. As part of the cooperation, Knab will refer customers that want to finance equity to Symbid. Symbid, on the other hand, will refer customers to Knab when they are looking for a crowdfunding loan.


Credion is one of the leading Dutch independent consultancy firms for SME finance. Founded in 2001 by a group of individuals with extensive experience in banking and finance, Credion now operates a wide network of financial advisory services throughout the Netherlands including 25 offices and over 60 professional consultants. As 'financial engineers', Credion are independent specialists seeking to bring entrepreneurs and lenders together in an optimal financial package which is optimal for both parties.


With regards to Symbid, Credion advisors provide tailor-made financial support to our entrepreneurs. They help small businesses find funding from the right investors, at the right time.


BDO International originated in 1963 as an international network of independent accounting and consulting firms from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, the US, and Canada. Today, BDO provides advisory services in 144 countries and employs over 56,000 people based in 1,264 offices worldwide.


Symbid and BDO co-created the fiscal-legal framework behind our funding network in coordination with the Dutch National Bank and Financial Markets Authority. BDO currently acts as Symbid's accountant and provides accounting support to businesses in our funding network.


Intersolve was founded in 1996 with its head office in the Netherlands and an international sales office in the UK. The company is an 'Electronic Money Institution' (EMI) - a financial institution which is licensed to issue electronic money. Intersolve has evolved into a leading Dutch service provider in the field of electronic money.


Symbid makes use of Intersolve's e-money license and is therefore regulated by the local regulatory institution, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets. This partnership means Symbid guarantees that all online transactions are processed safely, with the invested capital being controlled by Intersolve in a trust account format.


Formed in 2005,  Holder builds web applications for its clients that are both cutting-edge and manageable, specializing in crowdfunding software. At the forefront of its industry, Holder works exclusively with Ruby on Rails ("Rails"). Holder was one of the first companies to use this platform in a business environment and continues to operate as a leader in its field.


Symbid's partnership with Holder ensures that our web applications combine impressive technology with user friendliness and stunning design.

Holder logo


Sharpe Financial was established in early 2012 by Mark Beers and Frans Gunnink, two experienced senior professionals in the Benelux financial communications industry specializing in the field of communications and media relations. Sharpe Financial provide financial companies with advice and support on effective corporate communications and media relations in order to strengthen their position in the market.


Sharpe Financial has been assisting Symbid Corp. with communications, press relations and investor relations since 2013. Their commitment to Symbid is based on a belief that our story of financial innovation deserves to be heard worldwide.


EBAN is the European Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds and Early Stage Market Players. EBAN is the pan-European representative for the early stage investor community, gathering over 126 member organizations from 41 countries.


EBAN is a non-profit association representing the interests of early stage investors across Europe. As a dedicated member of EBAN, Symbid maintains a strong network of connections within the European angel investor community.


The European Crowdfunding Network AISBL (ECN) is a professional network promoting adequate transparency, (self) regulation and governance. The ECN are the voice of the European crowdfunding industry in policy discussion and public opinion-building. The ECN was formally incorporated as an international not-for-profit organisation in 2013. The organization aims to increase understanding of crowdfunding's role in supporting entrepreneurship of all types and in the enrichment of European society, culture and economy.


As an ECN board member, Symbid participates in the organization at the highest level. The ECN supports Symbid in maintaining a dialogue with public institutions, policy-makers, stakeholders and media at European, international and national levels.


FIZ stands for Financing, Insolvency and Security. FIZ advocaten prefers a personal, yet practical and goal-oriented approach. The particular expertise of FIZ advocaten lies in financial law, insolvency law, the general law of obligations and property law. In these areas FIZ advocaten renders advice, drafts contracts and litigates. FIZ advocaten is an affiliate member of the VFN, the Dutch Finance Houses’ Association.


With regards to Symbid, FIZ advocaten provides comprehensive legal support to our equity and loan crowdfunding model. FIZ advocaten help us to ensure we fund small businesses in a professional and transparent way through their independent and state-of-the art scoring models and adequate pricing of requested credit facilities.


Catena Investments (‘Catena’) was incorporated in 2009 as an investment management firm with a strong focus on financial product development, specialized in the structuring of investments in special situations and asset driven opportunities. Its main expertise is in the structuring of alternative investments based on experience and expertise in fixed income and derivative products. Catena was set up to manage a portfolio of ventures that originated in 2006.


Symbid and Catena work together for the provision of INRISC: an automated and trustworthy credit risk scoring and pricing service used for Loan Crowdfunding by Symbid.